PhD, postdoc and permanent positions available

We have possibilities for PhD student, postdoc, visiting and permanent researcher positions. In all cases, the first step is to meet in person for interview, and the second step is to find a fellowship (different sources are possible, such as the EU for Europeans, the NSF for US, the HFSP, the ENP in Paris, etc).

For students and postdocs, we do encourage interdisciplinary projects involving both theory and experiments, although purely theoretical projects are also possible. The UNIC consists of an integrated and interactive environment comprising in vivo electrophysiology (Y. Fregnac, D. Shulz), in vitro electrophysiology (T. Bal, K. Grant), comparative anatomy (J-P. Denizot), Neuroinformatics (A. Davison) and computational and theoretical neuroscience (A. Destexhe). Although all disciplines are possible, we particularly encourage candidates with a computational or physics/math background.

We are affiliated to all major Neuroscience doctoral schools in Paris (the UNIC is not formally depending on any university since we belong to a CNRS campus, entirely devoted to research).

For young candidates having already done a postdoc, there exist possibilities for applying to a permanent researcher (CR2 or CR1 level) or a research director (DR level) position at CNRS. There are such positions available every year for theoretical / computational neuroscience, or mixed theoretical and experimental neuroscience. If you are interested, please contact us.

We also have possibilities for visiting researchers positions (typically from one to 6 months). Short stages can also be arranged for foreign students. Please contact us for more details.

Unit for Neuroscience, Information & Complexity (UNIC)
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